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Our Grinch Hot Chocolate Bombs and Sicles!


Order the latest new craze - Our Grinch Hot Chocolate Bombs and Sicles! We offer a variety of flavors and packages. Orders yours today so you can start enjoying them soon!

The chocolate will be a light green color.

I do not have control over the post office and how they handle or deliver their packages. I have it noted here in my listing that there are NO refunds or returns. If the mistake was done by my shop (wrong color or flavor) we will be happy to fix it, but damages, and delivery is out of our control. We wrap all bombs in bubble wrap to help protect them and we use packing peanuts to help try and prevent/absorb bumps and drops. However, in the event damage to the product happen or the package is lost please contact your local post office.
The bombs have a shelf life of 3-6 months. You do not have to refrigerated them.